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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Liebster Award! Thanks Noreen!

I am both humbled and honored to have received the Liebster Award from Noreen at Rosary Mom.  

Noreen is a marvelous Catholic mom who blogs to “honor God, explore Christianity, and share (her) life”.  I enjoy her blog immensely.  She inspires me with her devotion to Life and to the defense of the unborn.

Liebster is a German word which means “dearest” or “beloved”.  It can also mean favorite.  The idea behind the Liebster Blog Award is that it is given to upcoming bloggers (with fewer than 200 followers) in order to create new connections and bring attention to wonderful growing blogs.
Now it is my turn to pass on the award, with these simple rules:
    ·          Add the award to your blog.
    ·         Thank the giver with a link back to them.
    ·         List your top five picks and let them know they’ve been given the award by
          leaving a comment on their blog.
    ·         Encourage your followers to “spread the love” to the blogs that you’ve spotlighted.

My picks are all lovely ladies who have all inspired me and benefitted my Christian walk.  Visit them, and be blessed.

1)  Mandi at Catholic Newlywed
Mandi is a young married woman with a lovely child and wonderful husband.  She blogs about learning to be a wife, keep house, and mother in Catholic Christian style.   Her dedication to breastfeeding, baby-wearing, cloth diapering, and co-sleeping remind me of myself 18 or so years ago, and is a welcome focus on family in a culture that is progressively turning away from the things that really matter.

Catholic Newlywed

2) Gardenia at My Little Flower
Gardenia is the sweet mama to a precious little girl who blogs about family, striving toward holiness, and the precious gift of a longed for child.  Her affinity for bloggin the liturgical year is a familiar link to my own life.

3) Tiffany at Family at the Foot of the Cross
Tiffany is a magnificent Roman Catholic homeschooling mom who blogs about cherishing her vocation and fostering and improving her domestic church.  She is a splendid liturgical blogger who blesses my life, and my home, regularly through her shared ideas and insights.

4) Katherine at Having Left the Altar
Katharine is mother to four daughters, wife to a wondeful husband and dedicated to natural childbirth, homeschooling, and the building up of her domestic church.  She blogs about 'daily striving toward making her homeschool a wonder in learning, her home warm and fruitful, and her family's journey to heaven a joyful one'.

 5) I'm going to be a little bit "naughty" and break the rules here, because I have a heart for young people.  I cannot choose between these two young women, so...I'm not going to.  My fifth pick is both Grace at Grace Loves Iggy and Nay at A Little More Like Mary, because young women who are striving to live Christian lives, and pass the bounty of Christ's love on to their children, are our hope for the future.  Besides, I figure that I am old now, and old women are entitled to be break a few rules and be stubborn.


  1. You so deserve it Michelle! Thank you for your kind words. I do know Mandi, Gardenia and Tiffany and enjoy their blogs very much. I will check out the other ones though. Have a Blessed Weekend!

  2. Michelle, first, congratulations on winning the award. It's most deserved! And, thank you and bless your heart for passing the award on to me. You've named a few winners I've not met before and I will surely enjoy popping over to meet them as well.

  3. This is a lovely award and congrats, Michelle! Thank you for thinking of me and I look forward to passing it on. God Bless you with grace beyond measure:)


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