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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

2012 Pre-Christmas Veil Giveaway!

Congrats to the winners: Brandon L. and Gina!

It's time for the Liturgical Time Pre-Christmas veil giveaway!
The consensus seems to be that y'all would like to see an Eternity Veil as the giveaway prize. Problem is, I can't decide on a color, so I'm going to offer the choice of purple, ivory, midnight blue, or mocha chocolate.

Here's the veil:
Click on the picture for more photos.

The Eternity Veils are available in two styles: single loop and double loop.  The two styles look virtually identical from all sides but the back.  Here is a comparison of the two styles (Single Loop is on the left; Double Loop is on the right):

Here's how to enter:

We have found that women who veil are rather interested in the opinions of men on head covering.  So, we thought we'd take this opportunity to get some input from the gentlemen out there.  We are accepting entries from men only for this giveaway.  That means you have to coerce, cajole, bribe, or otherwise convince some unsuspecting but awesome guy to enter for you.  (No one said we were going to make this easy on you, right?) <smiles>


Okay Guys, some lovely woman talked you into this, so, here's how it works:

Three entries are possible.  Please leave a separate comment for each entry.  Comments can be made anonymously, but please leave a first name and last initial.  One comment must contain an email address so that we can contact you if you win.  If you do not want the email address published, just let us know in the comment.  On request, we will create a substitute public entry for you, to protect the email address from publication.  We will not keep these email addresses after the contest and we will never use them for marketing. You have our word on that.

Here are the three entry possibilities:

1) The first entry is required.  Gentlemen, please let us know how you feel about the wearing of head coverings by women.  Your comment may be brief, and it doesn't have to be positive.  If you think wearing veils is loony, we don't mind!  We want to hear all sincere perspectives.  (Please don't be insulting though.)

2) For an optional additional entry: Please let us know, in a seperate commment, whether you will choose the single loop or the double loop style if you win.  (You can change your mind later.)

3) For an optional additional entry: You, or someone else, must share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, a blog, or other social media.  Please include a link to the share in your entry comment.

Please remember: Leave a separate comment for each entry.

The winner will be randomly selected and announced on this blog on December 15, 2012.

Good Luck!

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  1. had my wife share on her blog friend feed.

  2. i would choose the double loop style. - gary f.

  3. Veil wearing is a lovely way for woman to show their reverence and submission to God while in His presence. It also helps others maintain proper focus at Mass. All girls in my home are formed to desire to humbly and reverently wear a veil while in the presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist (including Mass, visit into the church, Adoration, etc...). - Gary F. (JOYfilledfamily Dad) joyfilledfamily{at}gmail{dot}com

  4. Veils are awesome :D I never had much opinion on them, but then my girlfriend (who cajoled me into this) started wearing one on a regular basis and it makes me really happy. I guess this shouldn't have surprised me, given her predilection towards floor-length skirts.... Kevin O. wonkthe1st[at]optonline[dot]net

  5. I think double loop; it looks more like something that my girlfriend would wear.... though in her book, more lace is always better! Kevin O.

  6. Single loop style. Benjamin J

  7. Entry:
    I think it is totally awesome for girls! And I do not like that most girls do not wear a head covering of a veil. –Benjamin J. (email concealed)

  8. Although head coverings aren't very common in the United States, I teach English to international students, many of whom come from predominantly Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Libya, Kuwait, and so on. The women usually wear some sort of head covering. I admire the fact that they do so even though it's not normal in American culture—it shows some measure of sober reflection and bravery, I think, to not adapt to American dress despite being surrounded by Americans. So to me, wearing a head covering in a public setting reflects some kind of conscious measure to step outside of secular American culture.

  9. I love a reverent liturgy and dress helps to achieve that end. I do notice chapel veils and I like them. The wearers are also dressed modestly which only adds to the prayerfulness. This is the first that I've seen the Eternity veil. They can be tied or looped in attractive ways. I especially like a beautiful smile to go along with the head covering.
    -Greg J.

  10. Entry:
    I like the Single Loop - Greg J.(email concealed)

  11. Entry:
    I like the veil because it brings back memories of my childhood when I used to see the older ladies cover their head for church. Growing up in the Philippines, it is still a common sight to see a few covered heads at Mass. My girlfriend started wearing a mantilla and for her, it is neither an homage to tradition (at least not entirely) nor about the Pauline injunction for women to cover their heads. For her it is about sanctifying space, creating a barrier between her and the world. In prayer (especially at Mass) she uses the mantilla as a physical reminder that she is at this moment, not in the world but "hidden with God in Christ." It is a beautiful way to approach prayer and a great example to other women. She has been complimented by a few ladies in church!:) Louie

  12. Entry:
    Double loop please. -Louie(email concealed)

  13. Entry:
    I think head coverings are neat, but I haven't seen them a lot. The only women I see wearing head coverings are Muslim women at my university. Andrew K. (email concealed)

  14. Entry:
    I like the single loop. -Andrew K. (email concealed.)

  15. Entry:
    My sisters and mom all wear headcoverings and it makes church seem more prayerful and they don't have to worry about their hair as much because of the hat or veil. ~Peter J. (email concealed)

  16. Entry:
    I like the double loop. ~ Peter J. (email concealed)

  17. Entry:
    I think that the wearing of veils by women in church, in the same way that the wearing of shirts and ties by men does, puts worshipers in a more reverent mindset for worship.~Brandon L. (email concealed)

  18. Entry:
    I like the single loop style. ~Brandon L. (email concealed)

  19. Entry:
    Giveaway shared:
    ~Brandon L. (email concealed)


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