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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Reading Glasses and Towering Pines on the Mountain

I patted the crown of my head this morning, looking for my glasses.  Unfortunately, the palm of my hand met only silver streaked hair, and bid me go looking for my glasses elsewhere.  I find myself doing this often now.  My eyes are firmly aged 50 these days.  My grandmother used to do this often - this crown of the head patting.  As a child, I found it infinitely amusing.  How could one not know whether one has glasses on ones head?  Honestly.  Time has a way of turning the joke upon the amused, and the clock ticks on.

Yesterday, my three year old went skating across the concrete, pulled via dog leash by a marvelously loyal old dog.  Today she left our little mountain cabin with her husband to make the trip into town by car to run some errands.  It was just yesterday, wasn't it -- the roller skating?  Perhaps not.  Time passes so quickly.  All I can offer is the time worn phrases:  'It all passes so quickly.  Don't miss it.  Don't fill it with worry. Enjoy it.  Life flies by.'  (If you are young, you'll dismiss them.  If you are older than young, you will nod in concert.) One day, I will stop flying along with time, leaving it for a timeless place, and time will go on without me --bearing only my fingerprints and whispers.

And yet, the generations will follow.  I've been raising them along these five decades.  Making my contribution to a long line of generation raising.  Each of us contributes to the collective memory and store of wisdom -- our many mistakes and our meager handful of successes tossed into the mix of the multigenerational family story, humbly. Mine more humble than most, I'm certain.

As I look out my window at the tall pines, I realize that it is difficult to see the mountain now.  The pines keep reaching higher toward Heaven, and only glimpses of old man mountain, through branches, remain.  One day,  each stately tree will fall, in its own time, having reached its full cycle of life.  It is a wonder-- a mystery-- that it is in the falling to soil that we finally reach Heaven.  This life is in the reaching, though. And, there is much living ahead to be done.

And so, things are purring along here, in our little mountain home.  The tea pot still rumbles and whistles, the sewing machine still hums along.  Laces line their places and needles glint.  The bears are finally sleeping their Winter sleep.  And, we pray for you, our dear ones.  It occurred to me this morning that I ought tell you that.  I've been so quiet.  Those of you who have been around these many years since the shop began, will remember that the blog used to be updated frequently.  Now, as my eyes and fingers age, as a wedding sits in recent memory, and life throws so many responsibilities my way, I've not been so active at the keyboard.  Still, you reside in our hearts and minds.  We are grateful for you.

With Lent upon us-- Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant alike-- as we embark upon our journey into the desert of fasting, prayer, and almsgiving-- we wish you godspeed.  May God go with you.  May He be your travel companion and your destination.  May you meet Him in prayer, self-denial, and quietude.  May you meet Him in your neighbor.  May He fill your heart and soul with Peace.

Pax Christi Dear Ones,
A good and holy Lenten season awaits,

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  1. I enjoyed reading this so much! Thank you for writing an update. Your words are always encouraging and inspiring.

    1. Thank you Mrs. White. I'm grateful for your kindness. So good to hear from you!


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