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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our St. Nick

Does your family love (the real) St. Nicholas?  (You can read more about our beloved saint here and here.)  If so, the upcoming movie ought to bless you.  Consider "liking" the movie's Facebook page to assist with promotional efforts.
Photo: From the movie

From their Facebook page:
"We've received a few questions from visitors about the purpose of getting people to "Like" the fan page. Some have asked if we get paid by Facebook, or from advertisers, for the amount of likes we receive. The answer is no, we receive no money for the amount of people that "Like" our page. For us, the purpose is strictly to build a grassroots fan base that we'll be able to tap into when the opportunity arrives for us to launch our distribution initiative. We've made great progress, but we do have a ways to go. Some larger national/international press that's in the works should help speed things up. In the meantime, just keep spreading the word. Thank you and, once again, Merry Christmas!"

Give their Facebook page a click, for our St. Nick!


  1. Michelle,

    Just popping in here ... and on your post about your Christmas tree. Waving hello from Iowa. It's really nice to get to know you through your words here.

  2. Hi Michelle~Thank you for leaving a comment over at my blog so I can find you here. What a lovely blog and this post about a St. Nicholas movie is great news! Nice to "meet" you and wishing you a holy and blessed Christmas season.


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