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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fifth Night (of Christmas) on the Mountain

The wood stove is glowing. Papa is making dinner; he won't tell me what it is. I trust that the Ukrainian in him will not try to feed me headcheese. Please pray for me in this regard.

 We went into town today.
 The sewing machine needed a tune up. At 50 years old, it is entitled, I suppose.

We got to see Elyse, which was a highlight. She'll be coming home from Grandma and Grandpa's on New Year's Eve.

 We bought some fixings for an Epiphany Season door wreath.

 It's still awfully quiet around here. Two middle aged people with no kid and no dog pack. We're not entirely sure what to do with ourselves. There was a beautiful sunset tonight. The mountains are good for that.

It is fifth night.  Tomorrow will be the sixth day of Christmas...halfway through the season.

The three kings are on their way; they've almost found him. They will arrive on Epiphany, when we celebrate the revelation to the world that God has manifested himself to us in the person of Christ Jesus.

For now, we are still in the midst of the Christmas season. We revel in his birth; in his coming into our hearts; in his coming again.

 He is born! He is with us...and we are at peace.

Therefore, the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son and will call him Immanuel.... (God with Us). ~Isaiah 7:14 (Parenthetical remark mine.) 

 Update: Dinner is the most beautiful beef stew ever.
Twenty-two years of marriage, and I've still managed to successfully evade the dreaded headcheese.

Christmas Joy Dear Friends,
Pax Christi,

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  1. Christmas blessings to you Michelle! You and your husband are a lovely couple and you look too young to be married for 22 years!! Beautiful Christmas Season reflection!

  2. I googled headcheese and prayed =(

  3. Thank you Noreen; but, we're old enough...and feeling older every day! haha

    Thank you for the prayers Grace! Actually, he makes it with turkey breast and plain gelatin...not the old fashioned way. But still....

  4. Beautiful photos, Michelle! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Lovely post! Thanks for the greeting, this is a great holiday season!

  6. Oh what a beautiful post. So inspiring for me to learn of life outside the US at Christmas. How beautiful the sunset in the mountains. May you and your husband continued to be blessed during this wonderful Christmas season and in your lives together.

  7. Thanks Lynn! Thanks for visiting, and for your kind words.
    (Actually, we are in California, which is mostly the U.S., depending on how you look at it. =D )
    Blessed Christmas to all who have commented here.

  8. Such beautiful pictures -- and words. Such joy at Christmas celebrating Christ's birth. We had an empty nest part of this past week. I told my husband it was a good thing I liked him -- it's happening more and more often with my daughter in college (although she lives at home). I hope your new year is blessed of God.

  9. I'm glad the dinner turned out well. My hubby cooks dinner every once in a while. I never have to worry about headcheese. LOL
    Your photos are beautiful.
    I hope 2012 brings you many blessings.


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