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Monday, December 19, 2011

Ripping Stitches

I've been cutting a lot of lace lately.  It's the most stressful part, for me, of the veil making...

...Stitches can be redone, but a cut is a cut...and good lace is expensive.  One slip of that rotary cutter, and I have lost some lace.  

I was thinking today how much different sewing is from yarn work.  Crochet stitches can be pulled out and redone, with the yarn no worse for the wear, ...but when sewn stitches are ripped from material, there is a hole left...and cuts in material with a blade are permanent.


Jesus took our rotary cutter life, and gave us a crochet hook life.  We err; we sin; we are fallen.  But he is perfect, and he has redeemed us.  We are forgiven.  And, as we strive to follow after him, we will stumble.  There will be more than a few missed stitches, but he has given us the opportunity for forgiveness.  

It doesn't mean that we ought to take the call to holiness lightly, but as we strive to grow in him, we can rest assured that there is always forgiveness, and the opportunity to start again.  Let us savor the gift.

God Bless you in Your Walk with Him,
Pax Christi,
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  1. I love your analogies. I'm so so thankful for His redemption! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, I find peace here. I hate sewing because I always mess up, but there is grace in his re-doing of our messes.

  3. What praises we can give because he is the restorer of our life. Joel 2 say is so well...He will restore the years the locust have eaten! Thanks for this really special truth today. And thank you for linking up :) Blessings, Michelle, in Jesus!

  4. Such beauty! And such a wonderful metaphor. Merry Christmas to you, dear sister. Much love.


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