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Friday, January 6, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

round button chicken

I'm pleased to be joining with one of my favorite blogs again, today,

 in celebrating the pleasures, and treasures, of everyday life.


(Okay, she's my kid, so maybe I'm a little biased.)

Enjoying a project that doesn't have to be packed up and mailed off.

 Loves from Sister are the best thing ever.

Why is it that I cannot, to save my life, take a picture that is is not blurry?
Kelly Price, come save me.

Up way too late sewing veils...and more to do:

The other end of the couch:

I pray your everyday happenings are full of contentment and grace,
Pax Christi,
Linked with:
Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real @ Like Mother, Like Daughter

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  1. I was taken in by your lovely pictures, but even moreso by the music you have playing! Powerful stuff.

  2. Nice photos! (only one was blurry!) :)


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