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Thursday, January 26, 2012

One Way to Tie a Headcovering: A Tutorial

A reader asked for a tutorial on how we tied this headcovering:

We'd be glad to!  So, here goes:

1.  Place a triangular veil on your head, with the point in the back.  (You can also use a square scarf folded in half, point-to-point, to form a triangle.)  You may want to place a bobby pin at each temple to keep it in place during tying.

2.  Grasp the two side corners, and draw them under your hair.  Tie them.  (If you are using a smaller triangle, you can just cross them at this point, so that each point ends up above the shoulder opposite where it started.)

3.  Grasp the two side corners again and draw them around your hair and the scarf that is covering it.  Tie them together around your hair, across the top of the scarf.

4.  Grasp the side corners again and draw them back under your hair.  Tie underneath.

Alternate (To enclose all your hair in the veil):

1.  Place a triangular scarf on your head, with the point in the back.  (You can also use a square scarf folded in half, point-to-point, to form a triangle.)

2.  Grasp the two side corners and draw them up under your hair.  Cross them and lay them on your shoulders.  Grasp the point in the back (at the ends of your hair) and draw it up under your hair.  Grasp the two side points, catch the point of the back of the scarf, and tie the two sides of the scarf together, catching the back point in the knot.

Then..follow steps 3 and 4 above.

Here it is with a thinner veil:

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  1. How pretty Michelle! Do you always wear a head veil to Church?

    1. Yes, whenever I am in a church with reserved sacrament. I almost always wear a lace mantilla though. My daughter covers in church as well, but sometimes outside of church also. She wears a greater variety of headcoverings.

  2. Mmmm.... I love headcoverings!

  3. I have always wondered how to do that! I can never seem to get my head coverings to look much more than a simple scarf over my head tied.

    BTW, wish I could afford one of your lace ones, they are so beautiful. Maybe some day! Love the longer lace one! Just gorgeous!


  4. I have to ask - do you guys pin yours in any way to keep them from slipping? Without ties, I can never get mine to stay!

    1. We do pin. I have customers that are adamant about not pinning, and I don't understand how they do it! I am planning on including a tutorial on how I pin my veils in my eBook. It is simple, but it works really well for me.


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