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Monday, February 6, 2012

The February 2012 Giveaway

Entries for this giveaway are now closed.
Thanks to everyone who entered.
Here it is...
The February giveaway will be the new cotton kerchief style headcovering in the blue floral.

 To enter:

1)  Leave a comment below with your first name and email address.  (If you do not want your email address published, say so in your comment.  In that case, we will record your entry, but will not make your comment public.)

For extra entries:
2)  Become a follower of this blog or subscribe by email.  (see the right sidebar to do so).  Please leave a comment indicating that you have done this.

3)  Visit the Veil Shop.  Come back and leave a comment telling us which headcovering is your favorite.

Please leave a separate comment for each entry.
In order for you to win, we  must have your email or blog address, so that we can contact you.

The winner will be randomly selected and announced on Mardi Gras, February 21, 2012.

Don't leave without entering!

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  1. Hi there!

    I am Sonia M. Holmes
    My email address is

    I've been follower of your blog and I'am already suscribed by email.

    This is my favorite covering from your shop:

    I actually bought it over a couple of weeks ago and love it!

  2. I've been follower of your blog and I'am already suscribed by email. (Sonia M. Holmes,
    email address:

  3. This is my favorite covering from your Etsy shop:

    I actually bought it over a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely love it. The fabric is gorgeous. So feminine and pretty!

    ~ Sonia M. Holmes

  4. My name is Zoe and my email address is

  5. I have been a follower of your blog for the last couple days.

  6. My favorite head coverings are the longer lace ones or mantilla ones in any of the lighter colors. They are absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Hi Michelle,
    You may have already received one, but I gave you the Liebster Award today on my blog. Here's the info:


  8. Such a cute head covering! Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks.
    Dawn T

  9. I am new to your blog. I found it through the homemaking link up. I love blue florals and the kerchief style in very practical.

  10. I visited the veil shop and this head covering is my favorite!

  11. I want to enter, if it's not too late.


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