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Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Power of a Woman's Love & Sunday Ponderings Linkup

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The two most repugnantly ugly missives, that I have ever received, have been from young women, one 18, and the other, more recently, from a girl approximately 20...both of whom, likely, felt that they were protecting people that they love.  Both situations were born of an older woman, (me), responding to a sudden, unexplained severing of a friendship, involving me (in the case of the first), or my daughter (in the case of the recent one).   In each case, the reactions of both parties were emotionally driven; it's just that the younger woman had not yet developed any capacity to moderate those emotions.

It is amazing how strongly women can react when we are protecting our loved ones.  We are built that way, I suppose...and for good reason.  The challenge is to learn to direct that feminine instinct for nurture, and emotional protection, in healthy ways, and to teach younger women to check their emotions, in order to control the hideous extremes that people are capable of.

What a gift we have been given as women, this capacity for boundless love.  What an enormous responsibility, wielding such power to hurt, or to heal.

I am grateful for the objectivity of men.  They can calm us, balance us, help us to see things clearly.  But, I am also grateful for the depth and might of the love of a woman for her dear ones.  It has the capacity to nurture, heal, and empower life, ...and the living of life...for all whom it touches.

May we learn to wield that power wisely, deftly,....and with the love of Christ....that we might heal the world.
We can, you know.  We have that power, in Him.

Pax Christi,

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  1. Just think what the world would be like if we all could take a moment to step back and ponder harsh and hurtful comments before we reacted. Or, to not react at all.

  2. This is a wonderful reminder, and a good way to put in perspective the ways in which we can use our gift of boundless love. I'm always asking God to help me in this area because I can get protective a little too quickly, and I try to ask myself first "How would God like me to respond to this situation?"

  3. Sometimes, I think we fail to see the power we wield with our tongues. Wise words, my sister. Wise words.

  4. Interesting post. We certainly need to use all of our powers wisely. Women do have a lot of power.
    Thank you for sharing on Spiritual Sundays.


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