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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Passion Sunday: Embarking on the Journey to the Cross

It is the eve of Passion Sunday.  The sun has set; the mood has changed.

Jesús en casa de Anás Museo del Prado José de Madrazo
By José de Madrazo Agudo (1781-1859) (by Rockger21)
 [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
For those of us who hold stubbornly to the old ways, (i.e.: the old calendar), today Our Lord takes his first steps on the journey to the cross, and we...we walk with him, knowing.  We know what is to come; we have taken this journey for many odd years before, haven't we?  But, it doesn't matter does it?  We still feel the deep sting and stirring of impending sorrow.

Our Lord must die for us to live.

Today, in our liturgical drama, he begins that journey...for us.

Can you imagine it?  Can you imagine what our God has done for us, such pitiful creatures?
What love has been showered upon us?

And so...we walk with him.

Gird yourselves.  The journey is hard; yet, our Lord is good. 
We shall see life eternal.  But first, first we must see death.  Let us walk with him.

Pax Christi...Hold on friends, he will triumph over the grave,

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  1. Beginning in 1960, as a result of Vatican II Reforms, "Palm Sunday of the Passion of Our Lord" is the name given the sixth Sunday of Lent, which of course, is next week. Before 1960, Passion Sunday was the name for the fifth Sunday of Lent. It marked the beginning of a two-week-long period known as Passiontide, which is still observed by Catholics who cling to ancient tradition, and "Prayer Book Anglicans" who hold to the "old prayer book". Although the Post Vatican II Roman Rite no longer recognizes "Passiontide" as a distinct season, it still gives a nod to the earlier calendar by allowing for veiling of crosses and images beginning on this Sunday, (although in Anglican usage, they are veiled Ash Wednesday through Easter).
    Thanks for visiting!
    Pax Christi

  2. I always learn so much when I stop by here. I had never heard about the old calendar. Fascinating.


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