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Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Easter Vigil: Paschal Candle and Exultet

Deacon singing Exultet during the Paschal Vigil
This day in our liturgical drama, our Lord is missing from our midst.  He is laid in a tomb.  We are empty.

But, something wonderful, something indescribable, is on the horizon....and so, we wait.

Tonight is the most important service of public worship of the entire liturgical year in traditional churches.
Tonight, our Lord will rise again.

Pascal Candel (Christ Candle)
 Chris Nyborg, click for license
The Easter, or Paschal, vigil is held the evening of Holy Saturday, (or sometimes, at midnight Easter morning).  It is the resurrection service.  The Easter morning service is only the "news after the event".

At the vigil, the first "A" word will be heard, and the first Gloria sung, sing the beginning of the long Lenten period.  The Christ, or Paschal, candle will be relit this night.  It will be lit as the haunting ancient Exultet is sung.  The Christ candle represents the light of Christ in the world, and his presence in our midst.  It sits cold and flameless this day.  We are alone and empty.  But tonight, he lives again, and so will we.

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  1. So thankful for the Giver of Life!

  2. Just out of words! Worthy is our Savior! Thank you, Michelle, for sharing a sense of these services and their meaning. Blessings to you and your household~


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