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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Veiled Sisters Before the Lord...

Congratulations to the (Western Rite) ladies who purchased veils from the Veil Shop to wear for their baptisms and/or first Holy Communion this night!

I will not name any of you here, as I am not sure you would want  it, but know that you have, each one of you, been in my prayers by name this Lenten season, and will continue to be throughout the seven weeks of Easter.

I count it among my greatest the blessings that the work of my hands enters holy places on the heads of praying women, and most especially on this most holy night, as you participate in the Holy Mysteries of Mother Church.

You have my most jubilant congratulations, and humblest thanks.

Bless you sisters in Christ, and Peace, Peace be with you, as you you walk with him, and in him.

(Orthodox ladies, I haven't forgotten you...I am carrying you in my heart until next week!)

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