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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ordinary Time; Precious Time: Counting the Days

Jules Breton [Public domain], undefined
I happened upon a beautiful post by Jessica Snell at Homemaking Through the Church Year.  As I mentioned in my comment on that post, she gives a perfect description of the atmosphere and direction of Ordinary Time.

While reinforcing the gentle rhythmic disposition of this time of year, that post simultaneously lit a bit of a fire under me.  I had so many things I was planning to write during "the green weeks"...and then yesterday, in the hit me:  We are well on our way to Advent.  I have tarried.  And now...Jessica has so eloquently rung the second bell.  I need to get writing...

For those who do not follow the Western liturgical year, "Ordinary Time" is the "time in between" major holidays in the church calendar. These are the weeks when, in many rites, the church is hung in green.   We call it "Ordinary" not because it is...ordinary...but, because it is "ordinal".  During this time, we are simply counting the days.

As my dear husband and I are becoming increasingly aware that we have reached midlife, we have been doing rather a lot of day counting lately.  As our daughter embarks on adulthood, she is doing a bit of the same.  I suppose that much of life is simply counting days.  It is the use of these "times in between" for preparation and growth, that makes the elevated periods, the periods that we mark as special such as Graduation, Marriage, Childbirth, Grand-parenthood...extraordinarily good, because we have made ready.

So here is to lazy Summer days, decluttering closets, and barbecues on patios.  Here is to counting the days that lead up to the "big days"...because, eventually, we learn that, sometimes, the "little days" are the biggest of all.

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  1. Oh, that last line.
    "The little days are the biggest of all."

    Just so poignant.

    Blessings to you in the ordinal and the ordinary.
    All our times are in His hands.

  2. Yes, the little days, the biggest of all. I gave away a book of devotional writing and scripture for ordinary time a few weeks ago. At the Still Point by Sarah Arthur. You may like it, its one of my favorites during the "green season".

  3. Oh yes.... All the little things. They're truly grand.

  4. Michelle, I'm honored - and I'm glad for the company in counting these ordinal days! :)

  5. Very good. And as I'm growing older, I am drawn more and more to focus on the days of the Lord, whenever and wherever they are. Thanks.

  6. I love your calla lilies on the borders of your blog! I wish mine would bloom that good. They're lagging a bit this summer - maybe it's been too hot!

  7. "the littlest days are the biggest of all." So true! May we seize our days, living and counting to that final day. Blessings!

  8. What a perfect description -- and a reminder for me to get my act together.

    I always want a peaceful, pensive Advent, and I always find myself rushing around like mad. I hate that feeling!

    Thank you so much for sharing at Saints and Scripture Sundays!


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