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Thursday, July 5, 2012

7 Quick Takes, with Old Glory, July 6, 2012

--- 1 ---
I start back to work tomorrow.  Summer break has ended.  I am not happy about this.  At all.

--- 2 ---
All of the laundry in my house is clean.  At once.  About this, I am happy.

--- 3 ---
Our community fireworks show was beautiful.  We each had to hold a dog though, so that they didn't go out of their minds...except Churro the chihuahua, who just watched the whole thing and appeared quite impressed by it.

--- 4 ---
I am already beginning to think about Advent, partly because I am writing about Christmas at the moment, and partly because I am a liturgy and church year nut, which makes it difficult not to think ahead to the next season.

--- 5 ---
There will be a Legal Update Meeting at our parish church this Sunday.  Our parish, along with most in our diocese, is being sued by the Episcopal Church USA, for our building, as we have chosen to discontinue our relationship with ECUSA, which we feel has gone astray, and to align with the newly formed Anglican Church in North America which is more faithful to Scripture and Tradition.  We are looking forward to hearing the current status of things.  Prayers appreciated.

--- 6 ---
My Mothers' Day miniature rose bushes are still in pots in the house.  Every year, my husband buys me several miniature rose bushes for Mothers' Day, which we then plant in the front entry planters.  This year, we have waited way too long to get them into the ground.  They don't look happy about it at all, either.

--- 7 ---
I am working with some wonderfully soft stretch laces at the moment, which is delightful.  I have also picked up yarn and a crochet hook, once again.  I'm not sure why I stayed away so long.  At any rate, it is time; the cooler months are around the corner.

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  1. Good for you on breaking from the US Episcopal church. Our priest and many of our parish members were long time (many raised) Episcopalians who left because of the constant changing from church tradition. They just couldn't take it anymore.


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