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Friday, September 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Homeschool, Diet Cola, and Pumpkin Bread

--- 1 ---

If our naughty Chihuahua finds herself alone in a room in which someone has left a drink on an end table, she is immediately up there sampling it with vigor.  She is a great lover of coffee.  She never, however, touches diet cola.  This should tell me something about drinking diet cola.

--- 2 ---

Progress report time is looming, which means I have 68 progress reports to write.  It also means a slew of referrals after classroom teachers write their progress reports and realize that they have concerns about students.  I'm going to relish this last Fall weekend of peace before the tsunami hits.

--- 3 ---
As I sat in the principals office preparing for a meeting, I got a familiar sampling of all the discipline issues among elementary students these days.  My recommendation: HOMESCHOOL.  =)

--- 4 ---
Having seen hundreds of kids that have returned to the school system after years of homeschooling,  my second recommendation is:  Homeschool carefully and seek support and guidance.  Research well.  Be willing to evaluate and change homeschool course when needed.   Homeschooling is not universally successful.  Just sayin'.  If you weren't particularly successful in school, or didn't like school, don't be afraid to use a prepackaged curriculum and grading services.

--- 5 ---
Everybody has "blind spots" in their education.  We all have little spelling and grammatical errors that we aren't aware we have.  Going through years of teacher changes, kids in traditional school settings have a great chance at minimizing their own collection of these errors.  "Many eyes" grading and correcting are helpful in this regard.  Only "one set of eyes" means your child acquires your quirks along with his/her own collection of blind spots.  Trade work with other homeschool moms for grading.
--- 6 ---
Now that I've made all my fellow homeschooling moms angry..
I think I'm going to bake some pumpkin bread this weekend.  I just love pumpkin bread, especially at this time of year.

--- 7 ---
It's time to go to work.  Yuck.

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  1. We went from the creative, artistic, and hip version of homeschooling to a prepackaged curriculum with mostly book work because I found I was not very good or disciplined with the former. Of course boxed curriculums are pretty much the bane of existence to most of the homeschooling world but I decided that was a lesser of evils compared to sending them to school. Plus, as my son gets older (he is ten now) I feel more comfortable using an accredited curriculum with a grading service...even if it isn't as warm and fuzzy as the other options.


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