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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Veil giveaway in the Works!

I'm considering putting together a pre-Christmas giveaway of a veil from the Liturgical Time Veil Shop. Hint: It will require a few (simple, brief) words from a man in your life about his feelings on the veiling/headcovering of women. (It's perfectly okay if he says that he thinks it's nutty! We will be welcoming all respectful and sincere comments as entries.)

Any requests for a specific veil and/or veil color to be given away? Feel free to cast your vote as a comment on this post, or on the Facebook page. Want to see the choices?  Check here.

We are also working on filling the shop with additional, new veils for Christmas. If you have any requests, let us know.

Christmas is around the corner! 



  1. The Eternity veils are beautiful. :)


    And probably unsurprisingly:


    BTW - new music is awesome. :)

  3. I vote for one of the Eternity veils.
    Dawn T.

  4. My vote is for an Eternity veil :)


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