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Friday, December 21, 2012

Keep Watch! ~ Advent Musings

Our dogs do a lot of watching. They like to stand sentinel over the forest floor from their deck perch. I suppose they may be scanning for predators or watching for family members to come home. I think that they are mostly just looking, hoping, for "happenings."  They don't want to miss anything.  They want to be alert.

Here we are, approaching the fourth week of Advent. We are watching too.  We are awaiting the birth of a Savior, alert for His return at the second coming, longing for Him to be born anew in our hearts and fill us with His love. 

We are watching, waiting for these things, but, what will they look like? The second coming is a happening unto itself, and certainly no man knows the hour. But the birth of a Savior, in the manger, in our hearts…could we miss it, if we are not watchful? Could we ignore the gentle tug of the Spirit on our heart-souls? Could we miss the stirrings of faith, caught up in the mixing of dough and the polishing of wood in preparation for what has already escaped our hopeful perceptions?

Are we watching while we wait?
A Savior is coming.

Pax Christi dear ones,
Keep Watch!


  1. Merry Christmas Michelle! I love how your dogs remain vigilant for the coming of their loved ones. Great application for us to stay vigilant for Our Savior!

    1. Merry Christmas Noreen! God bless your family in the coming year. :)


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