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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sewing Combs with the Mother of our Lord

I really hate sewing combs into veils. Have I told you that? Probably not; it doesn't seem to be very good business acumen to reveal such things. The truth is, it is a task I've never looked forward to. As I sat down to sew in yet another comb this morning, I assumed my usual resolve to complete the task and move on. It's such a repetitive task, you see. A long series of the same size stitches over and over. Then, it hit me. This is a task that lends itself perfectly to the Jesus Prayer or rosary prayer.

Why had I not thought of this before? I am continually amazed at how slow I can be at recognizing significant possibilities. I love the Jesus prayer, especially during penitential seasons, but veil making seems well suited to rosary prayer, don't you think? (For my Protestant readers: Yes, I do pray the rosary. I know, I know...Anglo-Catholics are spiritual schizophrenics.  I totally agree.) So, I clicked on to a favorite video of the Joyful mysteries, and on my comb sewing went. What a exquisite opportunity for prayer. My whole day turned around, in fact, as a result of that precious time.

Oh, and I really love sewing combs into veils. Have I told you that? I'm so looking forward to the next one.

Pax Christi dear ones,
Have a blessed Sabbath day!

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