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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Sad But Not Unexpected Day

The court has made a decision that is not what many of us would have hoped.  Nevertheless, we know things are going to get bad.  We've been told that.  Why then, would we despair? A secular culture that embraces aberrant pursuits is only a clear backdrop for the beacon of light in darkness that God-ordained marriage and family provides. This is not a call to despondency; this is a call to righteous living. This is a call to renewed focus upon healthy and God pleasing families. We are to be a witness.  We must redouble our efforts to serve as a lighthouse in dark times.

The birthrate in Christian homes matches that of the general population. The rate of divorce among Christians is no different than the rate of divorce within the widespread secular culture.  This is unacceptable.  A recent study has shown that 80% of Evangelical Christians are engaged, or have been engaged, in premarital sexual activity.  This is unacceptable, and is likely consistent with circumstances in other neighborhoods of Christianity.

Perhaps the decision of the secular state is a wakeup call.  Perhaps it is an indication that the Christian community ought be a stronger witness to natural law.  In any case, we now have the opportunity to live as a community set apart, and to display the fruits of God ordained living, in hopes that our families might serve as a testimony to the Gospel. Affirmation by the secular state is not what is going to solidify cultural perceptions of the value and permanence of marriage covenant.  The obvious fruits of righteous living are what will do that.

We cannot change the decision of the Supreme Court.  We are tiny individuals.  However, we can bake the bread, shine the sink, and bring our children to knowledge of the Lord.  That is our calling, and he can change the world.

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  1. Very true, it easy to be demoralized so thanks for the positive post! Brett


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