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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real -- But not in that order this time!

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round button chicken

Something has me particularly appreciating my nightly sewing time this week.


I've been using a small bit of my sewing time each night to make something other than veils.
(Although the hands in the photo are Elyse's because her nails were done and my weren't!)


Apparently my quilting skills are not quite up to snuff with my veil making skills though.  You'll see why if you take a look at the misplaced block on the right edge of the photo.

After some consultation with women wiser than I, I decided that the block would stay just where it was, and would serve as a reminder of grace.


Once September rolls around, my thoughts always begin to turn toward Advent. I'm not sure why; All Saints comes first of course!  Still, as we shift toward fall, my mind starts lingering over the design of this year's Advent wreath and unpacking boxes for the fall season.

 This year, there is a special reason for Advent to be on my mind so soon. We are looking forward to the publication of the first installment of Let Us Keep the Feast: living the Church Year at home.  The release date will be later this fall.  This first portion will cover Advent and Christmas and will be chock full of ideas and helps for living out the Advent and Christmas seasons.  We're pretty excited!

Speaking of Advent, if you're interested in participating in a Jesse Tree ornament swap, take a gander over here!

I hope that this finds each of you well, prosperous, and at peace.
Pax Christi dear ones,

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  1. Michelle, are you one of Let Us Keep the Feast Authors? I did the Ordinary Time chapter. I am also excited for its release!
    On another note, the Amish leave a mistake in their quilts exactly to remind them that grace abounds. So you are in good company. Blessings!

    1. Hi Annie!
      So nice to "e-meet" you!I'm so looking forward to reading the other chapters; I think the book is going to be a wonderful resource. It's exciting to have release dates. Thanks for introducing yourself; maybe some day we'll all find ourselves in the same room!

  2. I was sitting here thinking, "Wow look at that awesome quilt! I wish I could do that!" not seeing your mistake at all. So it goes to show you, we are often our own worst critics! I am thinking someday soon I really ought to take up quilting. I imagine it is so satisfying!

    1. Thanks Amy! I can't believe I got the whole quilt top finished before I noticed the mistake. One of my favorite Mormon relatives told me that the misplaced block was my "humility block." That made me smile. When it comes to quilts and cooking I always bow fully to the wisdom of the Mormon family members. :D
      I've thought of doing a tutorial of a quilt from start to finish--but I'm sure the internet is full of them, so mine would just be a drop in an ocean of resources. Suffice it to say that it's far more easily tackled than it looks. I encourage you to jump in and make one!

  3. I am thinking about Advent too, and I'm terribly excited! Did we discuss some sort of ornament exchange/Jesse Tree thing? If so, refresh my memory, if you would. :) And the book series looks awesome! I can't wait to hear more about this and order a copy.

    1. We did! I've been turning that over in my mind. If we are going to do it, I think we better start soon. I would want to make sure that people had plenty of time to craft their ornaments and I would have adequate time to package and mail all of them before the start of Advent.

      I've been thinking that it is time to publish a post for purposes of "testing the water" to see if enough people are interested. How would you feel about putting a post up on your blog with a link to my post -- sending readers over to leave a comment if they would be interested in participating? We'll talk. I'll send a message or leave a comment on your blog.


  4. I think the quilt is beautiful! Sometimes the little imperfections are what make something special and unique, and, as you said, a great reminder of grace!

  5. I think the quilt is lovely and I love that you left the block in place. I have JUST started sewing, but a quilt is on my wish list of things to do.

    Lindsey @ Growing Kids Ministry Blog


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