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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Seven Quick Takes -- Floor Space: The Ultimate Christmas Gift

--- 1 ---
This past week was more than a little crazy. We had plans to spend as much of the week as possible enjoying some time off.  First though, we had to pack 756 Jesse tree ornaments into 27 boxes, make and ship a week's worth of veils, prepare for two veil giveaways, take new listing photos for the shop, and (for Elyse) write a ten page term paper.  All in two days.  Yikes.

Elyse's "Mary" ornament from our Jesse tree swap

--- 2 ---
Speaking of giveaways, Elizabeth Foss is hosting a day full of giveaways from her sponsors for Small Business Saturday.  All giveaways will run through Tuesday at noon. So many wonderful items!  Here’sours.

--- 3 ---
We’re gearing up for the Advent Veiling Project.  #VeilProject.
So exciting! Our giveaway will run from sundown Pacific Time on Sunday, December first.  Four more veil giveaways will follow. The project is intended to support and encourage women who would like to try, or are discerning, headcovering.  It will include a wonderful linkup of posts from women who are donning the veil to give it a try during Advent.  
--- 4 ---
It was a pretty wonderful feeling to finally drive those boxes of Jesse tree ornament sets to the post office!  I anticipate blogging throughout Advent with a post for each ornament.  We’ll see if that actually happens once school is back in session.  J  I know one thing: I’m going to end the series with a post on tips for planning an online Jesse tree swap.  The first suggestion: You must be crazy to take this on.

--- 5 ---
Mom is happy that the ornaments for the Jesse tree are sent out; I'm happy that all the dang boxes filling up our living room and my yoga-mat space are gone, not that I'm using it for yoga right now.

--- 6 ---
My Microbiology paper was pretty yucky, but I got it done right on time without too much stress (except for the extreme discomfort of having to look up multiple scholarly journals and online links about HPV. Couldn't I have gotten anything else? Just my luck, I guess.). ;)

--- 7 ---
 No idea what else to write, so here's a picture of my puppy sleeping.

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  1. Love.the.puppy.

    It sounds like you are both busy in a very good way. I am happy you are involved with all's always nice to meet new bloggers to connect with.

    Already headed over to Elizabeth' kidding?...I am not missing this : )


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