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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pearls and English Net and a Future

I put the finishing touches on a bridal veil today. My thoughts were a scatter of distractions -- until I began to sew the freshwater pearls onto the comb.

Pearls on ivory English netting and memories... 

My mother gave me her string of pearls to wear on my own wedding day some 25 years ago.  And so I began to imagine...

Thread looping pearls and silver needle through cotton net and a future. Two young souls at the precipice of life. Joys to come -- and sorrows, surely,-- and hope. Babies and then grandchildren. -- She probably isn't thinking that now.  She likely isn't thinking so far into the future because the future appears to be so far.

I smile. 

Twenty-five years ago, to a girl of twenty one,  twenty five years had seemed a huge canyon of time. Now, I look back over my shoulder and twenty five years was a second.  A pearl and a knot and a pearl and a knot and netting gathers.  And the angels will look down to witness the first steps of husband and wife. The genesis of generations--and the Heavenly host will rejoice.

May God bless their journey.  May godly generations follow.  May there be comfort when sorrows come.  May they hold fast when waves rock them. May sorrows be short and may faint memories of sad times be overwhelmed by a lifetime avalanche of joys.

Pax Christi,

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  1. Your words are absolutely beautiful. The veil is lovely.
    Thank you.
    Mrs. White

    1. Thank you for your kind words Mrs. White. So nice to hear from you!

  2. What a lovely reflection. What a beautiful veil. Prayer for the new couple. <3

    Well done.

  3. That is *stunning*! I would love for you to make Anne's First Communion veil when the time comes. :) Your personal touch and prayers make each veil so meaningful!

  4. Holding the new couple in prayer with you. What a lovely veil and an equally lovely reflection! Thanks for the gift of the sacred tonight. <3


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