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Friday, October 17, 2014

Seven Quick Takes ~ Onset of Fall 2014

--- 1 ---

It feels like a woodstove sort of weekend.  I think it might actually get cold enough to make a fire. Fingers crossed; we shall see.  I have visions of hot chocolate, popcorn, and movie viewing in front of a glowing stove.  My efforts to include young people in these plans seem not to be panning out; nonetheless, I am looking forward to it.  My anticipation of embracing a Fall evening, and the likelihood that Papa and I will be doing it alone this year, both serve as reminders that the seasons change quickly, and each ought be savored.

--- 2 ---

I am learning that it is awfully difficult to stop being a mother.  Even when one knows that her child is old enough to become a mother herself.  Now I know why my mother still asks me, even though I'm 47, if I "have to go potty" before we leave the house on a roadtrip.

--- 3 ---

First progress reports of the school year were due today.  For some reason, this annual milestone starts me thinking about our annual family reunion.  We're looking forward to it, as always.  I find myself musing on the way that the generations cycle through these gatherings.

--- 4 ---

Elyse has been driving eight to ten hours, and spending two nights away from home, most weeks of late. I have four hours a week of drive time on her, but, I'm more accustomed to it than she is. I see it wearing on her.  She's tired.  I have my reservations about whether she should be doing the full measure of this driving, but that is not really a topic for a blog post.  It inspires reflection on all the driving we have done in our years of family life.  We seem to be drawn to small towns and wilderness, which does not facilitate short commutes to work or church.

--- 5 ---

My author copies of  Let Us Keep The Feast: Living the Church Year at Home (Complete Collection) arrived in my mailbox.  Nice to have a project finished and move on to the next!

--- 6 ---

I'm a bit surprised by Elyse's maturity level lately.  I'm not sure why I'm surprised.  She's always been sensible and wise beyond her years.  Somehow, though, I didn't anticipate the fact that I wouldn't really need to worry about her much, because it turns out that she has actually been listening all these years.  Who knew?

At any rate, she seems to be exhibiting one of her frequent resurgences of interest in producing cakes. This is always a bad omen for my waistline.  It is my ardent intention to encourage her current plans to send some of these cakes south of here.  This seems a marvelous plan to both me and my bathroom scale.

--- 7 ---

I got nothin' for number seven, which is really a fantastic phenomenon.  I guess everything is mostly okay at the moment.  

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