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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real - Elyse's Edition

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real }

It looks like it's my turn to share a bit of life's best bits with you guys!
- Elyse

Let me give you a little background for these pictures.

Recently, I spent a long weekend with my grandparents (one of my favorite things to do). We went sport shooting at a range (favorite thing ever), went to a car show (whee shiny chrome!), and then spent some time at the beach on the pier.
 There is something especially special about spending time with my grandparents, and I think it’s reflected in these photographs


 ©Elyse at LiturgicalTime

No, these aren’t cars! These beauties were nestled into a planter in the middle of the car show, where street after street was lined with fantastic, sportsy, build-it-yourself kit cars, and where I became completely lost wandering around trying to find the parking garage where we left the car so I could get my jacket.


©Elyse at LiturgicalTime

I love the beach. If I believed in reincarnation and fantasy, I probably would say I had been a mermaid in my past life. 

©Elyse at LiturgicalTime

Now, this photograph wasn’t taken during the weekend, but I think anyone who has a dog (or a cat) knows what this means.

©Elyse at LiturgicalTime

These flowers were made from palm branches. One thing I love about the beach is the artistic nature of those who live there, and how willing they are to spread that nature around.
These flowers were made by a group of men seated at a bench at the start of the pier. As Grandma and I were walking by, we were offered the flowers. I asked how much they were, and was told that they simply took donations. At the time, I had no money in my pockets for them, so let them know I was grateful for the offer but kept walking. One of them hopped off the bench, took up a bouquet of two, and caught up with us to let us know he would rather we have them than not. 
Something about this says "real" to me. Maybe it's the beauty of humanity wrapped into two small palm branch flowers, or maybe it's the generosity of someone wanting to share something wonderful with another without any recompense.
People are good, and we don't always see it.

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