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Friday, June 29, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday, With Lap Dogs

--- 1 ---
I have one more week at home full time before extended school year begins.  Precious June is retreating.  I'm awfully grateful for the Summer break though.
--- 2 ---
Elyse and I drove into town for lace last night.  (Not our town, the "big" town).  I wonder how many people still live in places where folks use the words: "drove into town"?  Or, for that matter, how many people live in places where picking up lace requires a two hour round trip?
--- 3 ---
Yesterday was depressing.  I am afraid for the freedoms of our citizenry.  I wonder if self reliance, self-determination, and rugged individualism have gone the way of call boxes on the highway and hand written letters?
--- 4 ---
I have three small dogs on my lap.  That makes a combined weight of twenty-six pounds of lap dog.  And, one is snoring.  I'm trying to figure out if this is blissful, or annoying.
--- 5 ---
It's supposed to be pretty hot today.  I'm so grateful to live on the mountain.  A two hour round trip to the fabric store also means that we live up and out of the valley that it resides in.  I'll take the cooler mountain air any day.
--- 6 ---
Elyse will be beginning her sophomore year of college, and attending her first "on campus" college course.  Biology labs cannot be offered online, so she'll be driving to the Air Force Base.  I suppose that if I have to get comfortable with my girl attending on campus, it might as well be behind the guard gate of an Air Force base.

--- 7 ---

We are thinking of attending a Latin mass this Sunday.  I would imagine that even a little tribe of silly Anglo-Catholics should have the experience, even if a mass in something other than English is distinctly non-Anglican.  I'm just always so reticent to give up taking communion for a week.  Nonetheless, perhaps we shall see if they let the folks who brought us the English Bible through the doors...
(Of course you know that I'm kidding about the notion that they wouldn't.)

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1 comment:

  1. We always say "going to town" and yes, it is about two hours round trip, although it is such a peaceful drive with desert and mountain views.

    However, I could not find lace in town if I wanted to, being a smallish town. Now THAT would require a trip to Santa Fe which would be even further.


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