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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Harvesting the Scriptures...Or Throwing Them to the Dogs

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Our cherry tree produced beautifully this year.  It blessed us with an abundance of fruit, which is wonderful, because my dear husband really loves cherries.  Thankfully, it provided more than the birds could eat, because, somehow,most years, they get to them before we can.


It always makes me a little crazy how the birds eat a tiny bit of each one.  Can you see it there?  Why eat only half of each of two cherries, when you could work together and eat one whole one?  I wish they were more efficient.  Nonetheless, this year, the birds have had their fill, yet we are still picking, in shifts, for ourselves.


Those cherries that a bird has snacked on, we throw to our dachshund, who loves fruit.  She is, in fact, the very reason that our strawberry plants (apparently) never produce strawberries.  It was a mystery, until, one day, I glimpsed her rooting around "her" strawberry plants...harvesting.  It all makes perfect sense now.


Anyway, as I took my turn picking tonight, it occurred to me that sometimes we Christians treat the Bible like those birds treat the cherries.  Take a nibble here, take a nibble there…and leave the rest.  Now, I realize that birds don’t have much capacity; I’m sure they take exactly what they need.  But I’m not so sure that is always the case with folks and the Scriptures.  Sometimes we take a nibble during the readings on Sundays, and leave it at that, don’t we?  Anyway, I do, sometimes.

We have a bounty of God's word available to us.  A feast for the spirit, in fact.  We are so much better filled, if we don't eat like birds. 




By the way, it occurs to me as I conclude this post, that another point merits making:  Don’t ever assume that bloggers have cleaner houses than you do.  In fact, we just push anything that we don’t want you to see out of the picture, before we snap it.  =)

Pax Christi, Dear Ones,
Feast on the Word of the Lord; We are so Blessed by its Bounty!

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Denise, but I am, as I have said before,...just a wacky middle aged woman who types a lot. It is you, and all of the readers of the blog, who are a blessing. =)

  2. Such a beautiful analogy!

    A strawberry harvesting doxie! I love it!


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