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Monday, June 18, 2012

Oh Jeez...Here We Go Again

My vintage Singer is doing that thing again.

You know, that "my stitch selector is sort of tweaked again because you jammed it once, so I'm going to create a miniature thread creation that sort of resembles a small porcupine in my bobbin well"... thing.

Of course, there are orders to be filled.  It never does this when there are no orders to be filled.

So grandma's Singer says to me, "Look..."  (What, your sewing machine doesn't talk to you?  How perfectly unusual.) ...anyway, grandma's Singer says to me, "Look, I've been working pretty much non stop for over 50 years.  I really need a spa vacation at the repair shop.  Why don't you let that plastic whipper snapper over there do something for once.  I mean, all she ever does is sit there looking smug, with her computerized stitch selector and digital readout.  Give an old girl a break.  Honestly, your grandmother also had one of those portable dishwashers that folks rolled across the kitchen and hooked up to the sink, but you don't insist on using that, do you?

So, in due deference to an icon that has seen more living than I have, I set the Singer aside, and put the plasticky whipper snapper in her place.

I suppose that this is something like acknowledging that your child is an adult now...sometimes one just has to stretch and grow.

Wish me luck...

Pax Christi!


  1. Hi Michelle,
    Ah, to everything there is a season… and the Singer knows for sure ;-)
    It’s the season of the Whipper Snapper!

  2. That's hilarious! Good luck with that new plastic whipper-snapper. Today's "kids" are a whole new breed!

  3. That's so funny and so sad at the same time. We all have our time and place.


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