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Friday, July 27, 2012

Are Bloggers Obligated to Engage in Verbal Combat?

 Fellow bloggers, and other dear readers who may have an opinion:

How does one reconcile the disruption of peace created by persons who wish to carry on argument, with ones purpose for blogging?

Certainly, when one places oneself in the public arena, one opens oneself to people who are looking for argument.  I acknowledge that my beliefs and opinions are quite conservative.  I find, however, that I am often not particularly interested in the areas  that oppositional people wish to argue.  I am interested in sharing my faith journey with others, but not in arguing with those who take issue with it.

The blog was started for two reasons:

First, in response to the fact that I was fielding many questions from people who were sincerely interested in the practices and observances of traditional Christianity and the church year.  I found that I was spending an awful lot of time writing individual responses to various sincere inquirers...and it just made more sense to write public posts on the topics that I tended to receive questions on.

And, secondly, because I was receiving a number of questions from young people who wanted the guidance, opinion, and/or point of view of a conservative Christian mother.  For that reason, I have allowed some of my opinions on controversial issues to sneak through.  I am interested in offering this guidance to these kids, since they have requested it.  They are individuals.  They can dissect, evaluate, and make decisions about its validity.  I am not particularly interested in explaining or defending my perspectives for people who have not sought my input and wish to engage in argument.  I simply do not, frankly, care whether they agree with me or not.

Through blogging, I have met many wonderful people, some of whom share my opinions , and others from whose opinions mine vary widely.  If I had made the blog private, I would not have made these wonderful acquaintanceships.

I know that many bloggers, after evaluating their own purposes for blogging, have closed the combox.  However, I enjoy immensely the kind comments received from visitors and friends. 

I used to have a policy that I would publish my posts and then allow people to comment, without response from me.  I do not begrudge anyone their own opinions, and I do not mind them voicing those opinions in my little parlor on the internet, provided they are virtuous in their presentation.  Perhaps this policy served me well and should be reembraced.

Also, early on, I avoided controversial topics, because my goals, related to the sharing of  aspects of traditional Christian observance, were not well served by touching on them.  Perhaps that strategy might be beneficial once again.

From a practical standpoint, I have a very stressful job, a small business, and a home and family to care for.  At the expense of sounding rude, I don't particularly care to share my energies with those who wish to engage in verbal combat.  I did quite enough of that in grad school one hundred years ago.  Now I want to sit my middle aged body down with a cup of tea, share my experiences (for what little worth they may have) with those who wish to know them,  and make granny squares.  At any rate, I am generally more concerned with spreading the love of Christ than I am with arguing with his children.

Input anyone?


  1. {Hugs}

    I'm still curious as to which entry that "Don't quote the Pope like it's Scripture" debacle came from!

    But to answer your question - I deal with it one of two ways (both that I believe you've seen in action on my page).

    If the person seems open to a dialogue... even if that dialogue is shaky and tentative, I'll approach with honest, firm education.

    If, however, the person seems intent to create trouble for the sake of trolling, I delete the commentary and block them from returning.

    My blog is not a means for war. It is a tool for sharing and educating (God willing, anyway).

    I've found your blog to be both as well. I've learned an incredible amount from you in the time I've gotten to know your blog. I was truly saddened to read your earlier status on FB.

    I was saddened because I worried it was due to the "Pope accuser" (as I'll henceforth call him or her), and I was also saddened that I'd be deprived of your intelligent, loving perspective.

    Please know you'll be in my prayers regardless of your status as active / vacationing blogger. You've given me a treasure trove of insight and served to deepen my own spirituality. I truly hope you don't let a bad apple ruin the joy you find in blogging.

    Again - {hugs}

    May Our Lady ever shine that beautiful smile of hers down upon you as she brings your intentions to the Feet of Her Beloved Son.

    1. Thanks so much Gina. I'm so glad to have been exposed to your blog, and your kind wisdom.

      The "Pope Accuser" commented here:

      I find it interesting that she latched on to the contraceptive issue, which was really not the primary point of the post. I knew I would get some blow back from that one, but I find that I have too much going on in my life at this point to care to engage with it.

      I am certainly a bit of an odd apple, with one foot on the Rome facing edge of Protestantism, and one foot clearly outside of the Protestant realm. I do realize that.

      I think that I have probably gone somewhat astray from my purpose for blogging. But then, I have such a deep fear for the direction that our society in trending in. I simply cannot believe how far we have degraded in such a short span of time. And, I see kids all around me who have parents who are too apathetic, or ill equipped, to offer opinions contrary to those of popular society.

      My husband, prior to falling asleep with his head on the pillow next to mine at present, suggested the following response to the Pope Accuser:

      "Thank you very much for your comments. Please feel free to buy your condoms through the Amazon link on my sidebar. Have a nice day."

      I love my husband so much. He has been the perfect balance for my high stress, overly intellectual, type A mode of living these 25 wonderful years.

      Thanks so very much Gina. You always carry blessings on your wings.



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