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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Space Shuttle Came Home Today

The Space Shuttle came home today, one last time.  She returned to the town that birthed her and home to the people who created her, cared for her, and kept careful watch over her first abode.  

She soared proudly over the valley full of ordinary people who mowed lawns for, sold groceries to, and educated the children of the ones who spent their days in her service.

She touched Earth once more ...

...and graced with her presence those who, throughout all of these past decades as she has flown, were blessed to raise children, live ,and love in the shadow of her wings.

It was bittersweet, a turning of the page of a book that no one can quite predict the ending of.  

And we, like aged Christmastime parents bidding farewell to dear ones at holiday's end, are saddened, but very grateful, ...and excited to see what lies ahead on the horizon. 

She has touched Space - the unfathomable creation of an Almighty God.  

Now may our lady rest gently in her retirement, with wheels planned firmly on Earth, where she will surely inspire new generations of dreamers and explorers for decades to come.

By NASA/Amanda Diller [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
...and may God bless America, her proud home.

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