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Friday, January 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday and PHFR - Snow, Lace, and Doxies

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Can you do that?  Is it allowed? I'm entirely unsure.
Does anyone feel any blog-world tremors?  :)

--- 1 ---
It is really cold in the Central California mountains tonight. I mean, really, really cold. It's 28 degrees, which should not really feel that cold, but for some reason or another, this is a really cold 28 degrees. The "back road" home from work required chains for non-four wheel drive vehicles and the freeway had a highway patrolman slowing traffic. It's a snowy, icy, freezing cold weekend.  All of this to say: Dear mid-West and East Coast Readers, brace yourselves, this one packs a punch and I imagine it's headed your way.

--- 2 ---
We are now back in the Church season of Epiphanytide, otherwise known a Ordinary Time. I love Ordinary Time, because it isn't so ordinary. Of course, it is called "ordinary" in the sense of "ordinal", because we are counting the days. It's the little days we count between the big holidays that make up the bulk of our lives. In the midst of Ordinary Time, babies take their first steps, leaps of faith are taken, countless meals are cooked, precious hearts are warmed by Christ, bedsheets are made crisp, and belief grows firm and steadfast. We live deeply in the little counted days between the big days that we count as holy.

--- 3 ---
Elyse will be taking a piano class this semester. I'm looking forward to hearing the piano played in the house again.

--- 4 ---
Our dachshund has hurt her back again. I've had a doxie all but one of my 45 years of life, and this is the first one with the famous doxie back trouble.  She has grown quite fond of the heating pad, but is not quite as pleased to have her poor sore back iced. She is also quite certain that the vet is magical, and that when she is carried out his office feeling wonderful, it is time to jump, run, and play again. Convincing her that both jumping off of beds and climbing up stairs are off the menu is not an easy task.

--- 5 ---

We are enjoying adding new colors and laces to the Veil Shop. We've also been able to bring back limited availability of a few old favorites.

--- 6 ---
{Funny: Because when God tips the boat, you're probably gonna get wet.}

Bloggers all over the internet annually choose one word as a theme to guide them through the new year. Most years, as the posts fill up my feed, I muse over them and move on. I've never been inclined to jump on the "One-Word" bandwagon. This year though, is a tad different. This year, there will likely be some changes impacting our little family.

For all of the 25 years that I have known him, my husband's family has celebrated Ukrainian Christmas, which falls on January 6. This year, they didn't -- just like that. This is not the change that I am talking about, but it illustrates the point. Sometimes, just when things seem to be gliding along smoothly and you are tempted to settle into comfortable familiarity, God tips the boat.

We may be in for some boat tipping this year. So, my word for 2013 is "trust". I have done my share of stressing over what will happen, but I'm not sure it is productive to do so. As I reflect over my adult life, I must acknowledge that there have been an enormous number of hours that I have spent worrying. The benefit of all of this worrying has been nil. And so, I will simply trust.

--- 7 ---

...So, in the spirit of trust, this:

Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart

Proverbs 3

1 My son, do not forget my teaching,
    but let your heart keep my commandments,
for length of days and years of life
    and peace they will add to you.
Let not steadfast love and faithfulness forsake you;
    bind them around your neck;
    write them on the tablet of your heart.
So you will find favor and good success
    in the sight of God and man.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
    and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him,
    and he will make straight your paths.

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  1. Beautiful post...Proverbs verse is one of my favarites which I've memorized to heart; Which I've leaned on many times.
    So sorry for your cute dachshund, she looks like a lively & playful one.


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