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Monday, January 9, 2012

Online Textbook Buy-back Comparison

We just "sold back" some of Elyse's textbooks from last semester.  I checked four online vendors who "buy-back" used textbooks, for comparison.  The following table shows what I found.  The first four rows are the books we sold, with the price quote from each of four vendors. Row five is the total offer made by each vendor.  

Amazon was the clear winner.  Because Amazon offers just about anything one would need to purchase, I am not concerned that payment will come in the form of an Amazon gift card, rather than cash.

Study Guide for Basic Pharmacology for Nurses / ISBN-13: 9780323057790, ISBN-10: 0323057799
 Not accepted for buy-back
Basic Pharmacology for Nurses / ISBN-13: 9780323057806, ISBN-10: 0323057802
What is Psychology? / ISBN-13: 9781111347000, ISBN-10: 111134700X
Health and Wellness, Tenth Edition / ISBN-13: 9780763765934, ISBN-10: 0763765937
 Not accepted for buy-back
Payed via
Amazon gift card
 Not Specified
Vendor pays shipping?

All four vendors' websites were easy to navigate.  All four offered free shipping of the books to their location.   Once we accepted Amazon's offer, we needed only to print out the shipping label they provided, pack the books in a box, attach the label, and mail the books by the due date.  We should receive payment once they are received and processed.  The process was simple.

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  1. Wow! I had no idea it could be so simple. I have boxes and boxes of recent textbooks. Now I know what to do with them! thank you so much! And for linking up on NOBH!


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