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Sunday, January 8, 2012

To bless You as You Continue Your Journey Through the Epiphany Season...

I trust that, by now, you have discovered that Christians of all flavors visit here.

I am not shy about suggesting Catholic reading selections to Evangelicals, Orthodox selections to Lutherans, and...well, you get the picture.  If it speaks to the fact that Christ is Lord, and it is really, REALLY may come across it here.  If that offends you, then you are probably in the wrong place.

So, in the vein, because I could not possibly have said it near as well myself, I give you:  The Epiphany Journey at The Priest's Housekeeper.

Catholic or not, read it, and it will bless your journey.

Pax Christi friends!
I hope that your weekend is going splendidly,

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Pax Christi!