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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Christianity and Cleavage (Absolutely Not for Children)

Christianity and Cleavage
By Kristaps B. from Tukums, Latvia (Wearing a cross)
[CC-BY-2.0 (]
, via Wikimedia Commons
This is one of those posts where I am feeling cranky.  I tend to make people angry when I am cranky.  If you are feeling oppositional, please click off.  I'm not in the mood.  (Smiles)


So then....
I'm seeing a lot of this lately.  I get that people have no decency anymore.  I get that a huge percentage of women today feel that personal value comes from the ability to elicit sexual desire in men.  I get that modesty is supposed to equate with being "ashamed of one's body".

I don't agree with any of those things, but I get them.

But what is with all the cross and cleavage combos?

It's not just that the cross has become a meaningless fashion statement for many non-Christian women.  I suppose we have Madonna, (okay, she is my generation's fault), and Lady Gaga, (she's all yours kids), to thank for that.

But, I'm seeing this, a lot, on young Christian women.

Look young 'uns:
Your body is sacred, and so is that cross.

The more you expose your body, the less value it holds in the eyes of others.
The less value your body holds in the eyes of others, the less value you hold in the eyes of others.

Those things, (yes, I'm talking about your breasts), belong to you, your current or future husband, and your babies.  They do not belong to that vulgar guy across the room whose fantasy you will star in tonight.

Baring skin may get you attention, but it will not be attention from men who consider you valuable.  It will not bring you worth, it will make you toilet paper.

Broederhugo from nl, Click for license, via Wikimeida Commons
Sacred things are veiled.

Veiling respects sanctity and mystery.  Veiling brings respect.  So does modest dress.

The cross is a symbol of salvation.  Your Lord died a horrible violent death on that cross to pay for your sins.  The least you can do is refrain from heaping more sin on His back while you display the symbol of his sacrifice and victory.  (We can belabor the Catholic/Protestant battle over the nature of atonement...but that is not really the point here, is it?  So, please, spare me.)

Rakhi Sawant [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (
 or CC-BY-SA-3.0  ( )], via Wikimedia Commons

Just does not compare to this:

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis2
By Toni Frissell (Library of Congress[1]) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

You know it, and, if he is worth having, he knows it too.

What's that?  You think there's a huge difference in men's minds between that picture up there and the cleavage and thigh you sported up to the altar at church last Sunday?
Don't be so sure.

I think we know which one inspires more honor.
I think we know which one will attract the kind of man that you want to be a father to your children.
I think we know which one will draw the kind of man who will stand by you through all the years of your life.

I think we know which one inspires Knighthood.

You are worth more than this.
You are a child of God.
You have been won by the blood of Christ.
You have the power to spread healing and love, and to inspire virtue.
Or, you can spread lust.
You have the power to be a witness for Christ.
Or, you can pair the symbol of Christ with boobage.

It's your choice Babe.

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  1. I completely agree, us men tend to have less respect for all the half-naked women running around nowadays. But then we are put in the odd situation of having every girl dressing like hoochies. Why? Because women like attention and dirtbags like oversexualized women, so of course the dirtbag provides negative attention and the girl gives all she has for it. Leaving real men on the sidelines to rot.

  2. Oh yes!!! I just had a talk with a young cousin about rather revealing photos of herself that she was posting on Facebook. The immodesty of today is so indicative of the disentigration of our culture. I truly fear for our country.

  3. Once upon a time I was that girl in the fishnet stockings...It took me a number of years to figure out the value of modesty after being raised in a media saturated world/home/school.

    Part of my headcovering is an act of repentance for my former life.

    At any rate, my biggest pet peeve lately is wedding gowns. Are any of them made with straps anymore?? I've seen way too many pictures of good Christian brides sporting big crosses with low cut strapless wedding gowns. I don't get it either.

  4. Great post. I was guilty of this in the past. I can remember being college age and our pastor actually confronting me for the skirt that I was wearing while sitting on the front row of the church. It was leather and didn't seem too shirt while standing, but definitely became too short when I sat. I look back and ask, "what was I thinking?" Unfortunately, my mother encouraged this kind of dress - not trashy, but definitely nearing that line. I learned on my own and intend to make it very clear to my daughters what it means to be a beautiful Christian woman.

  5. I completely agree. Things like this need to be mentioned.

    KM Logan

  6. Some of the young girls in our church simply can not afford new skirts, and as they grow, their skirts shorten. So, I have been sewing some skirts for them. Some beautiful skirts. (Not as many as I'd like, but I've also been watching a single dad's kids for free all summer, so I've been a bit busy.) First, I asked the girls if they wanted to wear longer skirts (ages 8 - 12). They all said, "Yes!" I'll have to get some pics together of these lovely girls in their lovely skirts.

    Great post!

  7. Thank you for this post. It is much needed. :)

  8. So true, I understand that not every one will feel the need to dress as I do (plain) but why oh why do young women feel the need to show of what was only meant for my husbands eyes?

  9. My heart goes out to all the Christian young women who just have not been taught any better and are throwing away their bodies. I especially agree about the wedding dresses. It is very hard to find one that doesn't extenuate cleavage! And it's supposed to be the day you are celebrating purity! I actually found strapless to be the better option because it actually came up higher;) Thanks for sharing! I found you via the WLWW link up! Looking forward to getting to know you better:)

  10. I helped my daughters search for modest wedding dresses-- so many were strapless.
    For on daughter we used a silk scarf to add to the edge of the bodice, along the neckline and she received many compliments. For the other daughter we added straps to her dress and made a lace jacket.

    I noticed your ad for The Secret Keeper. Dannah Gresh recommends that we start teaching our daughters when they are young (10- 12 y.o.) She has written another book. Six Ways to Keep the Little in Your Girl.

    1. Excellent suggestion Carol. Thanks for making it! I have added "Six Ways" to the book links.

      We never really "started" discussing modesty with our daughter. We just kind of always did it from the beginning, at an age appropriate level, of course. If parents are trying to decide "when" to start talking to their kids about these issues, then they are probably starting later than they might have.'s never too late!

  11. I agree with many things in this post, but at the same time please try and show some grace towards other women in this area. I am extremely large chested, and though I try very hard to make sure all of my clothing is modest, I still slip up sometimes purely by accident. My tops are a good deal more revealing than I would like right now due to nursing, but we are very tight on money at the moment. Even purchasing camisoles to layer with is out of my reach financially at the moment, and I cannot sew. I've had women at church lecture me after cleavage has become exposed when I bend down, and it's beyond humiliating. I am certainly not doing it to get attention or distract others. I do my best for the moment, and hopefully others understand.

    1. Surely you make a good point. It is difficult enough to stay on the path ourselves. If we spend our time looking side to side to see whether others are on it with us, we will surely lose track of our way.

      Also, there is a difference between having practical challenges in maintaining standards, (which we all struggle with), and simply never having had the advantage of being encouraged to adopt them.

      Nonetheless, I think that we have seen the result of pitching standards to the wind. Society has deteriorated significantly. In the interest of promoting freedom of choice, we have abandoned the practice of giving loving advice and guidance to younger women, which is a travesty. Women, as daughters of God, are worth more than to be thrown to the wolves, without support or guidance.

  12. This is something I have noticed as well, the cross necklace nestled in the exposed breasts of ladies at church. I teased my husband that while they are tempting all the men at church to sin, at least they are nice enough to remind them to repent! I know that isn't all that funny but what can ya do? Modesty is very important to me and I do teach my girls and try to set a good example. I also encourage my closer friends to be modest, most that I have talked to about it seem to be oblivious. That is how they were raised to dress and it never occurred to them that another man would be looking at their breasts especially at church! I know that sounds nuts but I believe them and everyone I have talked to about it have become more modest. I think the key is teaching them as they grow. Thanks for this post! I am thankful for ladies like you who can write so well and choose to write about such important things.

  13. I love your post! It's delightfully straighforward. I recommend the book Girls Gone Mild by Wendy Shallit as well-- she brings up a lot of non-Christian studies about the effect of modesty on culture's respect for women. Though, for some of the women, cut them some slack. I wore a one-strap wedding dress that looked in the mirror to be modest and classy and summer-appropriate. But, in a few pictures after the fact I realized I had revealed just a bit of unintentional curvature. Luckily, I'm small-chested. But for larger women it must be more difficult to avoid cleavage. Maybe some of them just need a gentle reminder that their boobs are sticking out --without the assumption that they did it on purpose.

  14. I can see the practicality angle. I try to dress modestly, but sometimes I realize "that outfit was really revealing!"


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