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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What Grandma Would Have Told You About Bending Over- If You'd Been Born a Generation Earlier

Women these days have it rough.  We are surrounded by a culture which devalues sex, while promoting it heavily and suggesting that it is our primary source of value.  Our clothing choices in mainstream stores reflect this. Women, especially younger women, walk a tightrope between being attractive and staying pure.

Men though, have it tougher.  Men have the challenge of taming their God given visual attraction to the physicality of women.  It was difficult enough to do this in an earlier age, when the culture was more modest and chaste. Today, men who wish to be noble and upright are being thrown to the wolves.  The greatest problem is, sometimes the ones doing the throwing are Christian women.

Our brothers in Christ ought to, at the least, be safe in the company of Christian women.

I know that finding modest clothing can be a challenge. Sometimes, the expense of acquiring a suitable wardrobe is a barrier, and, certain figures are more difficult to keep covered than others.  Fair enough.  Sometimes we focus too much on the cut of the clothing. But, sometimes, just the way that we carry ourselves makes a huge difference. There was a time when girls were taught never to lean over without placing their left hand on their neckline, and bending at the knees.  Today, we are too busy teaching girls that they can do anything a man can do to bother teaching them that if they bend over like a man, he is going to see that they clearly are not one.

Christians are terribly fearful of being branded as legalistic, at present.  We have fallen into the general social pattern of believing that anything goes.

Fine, say I,...I will refrain from suggesting that any woman should avoid immodesty on religious grounds.  Heaven forbid, or the "L" word may come up.

I'm not going to suggest that you should practice basic modest principles because God says so....I'm just going to suggest that you ought to because grandma says so....or she would have, if you had been born a generation or two earlier.

The point does need to be made that none of this is about other women.  It's about you and your choices. It's about your relationship with God, your brothers in Christ, and your future or present husband.  If you are single, it's about drawing the kind of man that you want in your life.  It is not about passing judgment on the woman in the next pew.  You don't get to do that.  It's not your job.

I had planned to write a post about basic feminine guidelines for choosing clothing and taking care to sit, bend, and carry yourself modestly.  But then...I found a post from a man who did a better job than I may have.  Apparently he knows what grandma knew....just by virtue of being male.

We're swimming in a sea of indecency these days.  Things have gone so far, that it almost seems futile to even try to address it.  But, for the sake of our own feminine beauty, and the struggles of our Christian brothers, it needs to be done.

Interested in what grandma would have told you a generation or two ago?  Stop by this post.  Reading the whole thing will give you an insightful, and personal, glimpse into the mind of a man, and the silent cry of Christian men that you will make the effort to support them.  Reading the "How You Sit, Bend, and Carry Yourself", and "Tips on Dressing Modestly" sections will give you the tips that girls used to learn growing up.

Could we have a long, drawn out argument about:
Whether men should tell women how to dress?
Whether it is a man's problem how he reacts to the body of a woman?
Whether a focus on specifics of how women might best dress, and carry themselves, is legalistic?

Sure.  We could.  But, give me a break here.
I think we all know that our society's morals have gone to Perdition.

It isn't really even a Christian issue anymore.
It's a basic decency issue at this point.

It's just common sense folks.

Blessings Dear Ones,
Pax Cristi,
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  1. Great find - from a man! Although I must admit I could here the feminists rallying against almost everything.

    "It's not OUR JOB to keep you from sinning! It's not OUR JOB to get your perverted thoughts away from my half-naked body!"

    But in some ways, it is. And he points out very logical, no-nonsense reasons why.

    And I love how you label this as something grandma knew. I remember countless times my mother reminding me to "sit like a lady" or to stop "acting like a truck driver" because of how I'd awkwardly use my body in manners that, I guess, weren't so befitting a young lady. Ha ha.

    You're right. Grandma (and mom!) knew best. I just never understood why until much later in life.

  2. When my daughters complain about my old fashioned views on modesty, my husband chimes in that "men like mystery." Our daughters would do well to treat their bodies as the Temple of God. Thank you for posting such lovely, lady-like photos too.

  3. Morgan from here, thank you so much for this post! It is exactly what needs to be said!

  4. I love this! unfortunately I was unable to click through to that post :( I think I found you via Time warp wife.

  5. What a great post. I love it. Thank you for sharing this. It's a wonderful inspiration. I have read articles that scream the contrary but I'm with you. God bless!
    I found you through Raising Homemakers

  6. I tried to read the post you linked to and the site is all messed up. Not sure why.
    Your post is great though, thank you!


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