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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Virtue Challenge: Flexibility

This is part 3 of a series.  Part 2 is here.

(Elyse is participating in YALs Virtue Challenge. Last week's virtue was "Patience." She will be posting weekly about her experiences. You will find more about the Virtue Challenge and a linkup of posts here. Elyse is 18 years old. She is a sophomore in college working toward a degree in Microbiology. She assists in the Veil Shop and enjoys reading, writing, and time with friends.)

Week Three: Flexibility
This week nothing distinct happened to me revolving around this week’s subject, flexibility. I’ve spent all day thinking about it, while we went into town and did our shopping, and after we got back home, but haven’t been able to find an example. (So much for my comment last week about how these virtues are everywhere! It must be somewhere, I’m just not seeing it.) So, this week, I chose to write about flexibility in life and why it is so important, rather than a personal experience.

Flexibility is, first and foremost, important in relationships. Friendship, marriage, familial relationships…all of them require that those involved must be able to bend, at least just a bit. The only way for a marriage to work, for example, is if each person is able to make sacrifices for the other.

Christmas for one spouse may be celebrated differently than the way in which the other spouse celebrates, which can dredge up contention even over a joyous holiday. One may want children to open presents on Christmas Eve, the other may want them to wait. Even small things like these can make cracks that grow of the two are too rigid to bend for each other.

No one should be so brittle as to break. Living requires that we change course when need be, that we adjust to pleasant or unpleasant happenings. Life is about growth, and even pines will snap if they cannot bend to weather the storm.

Deborah Tilley [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
- Elyse


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Doesn’t Gossip and is not Rude

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  1. Being flexible is a virtue and not always easily learned. It is difficult when our plans are cast aside by our mate, or our friends who "demand" that we change and do something different. Actually the change might be fun and even better that what we had at first wanted to do. So we bend a little and just enough so as not to break. :-)


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